Catherine Tate is a ceramics artist living in the coastal area of Sydney Australia.

Catherine’s work is drawn from the urban and coastal landscapes that surround her. Looking for patterns, textures and the rhythm of the natural world she uses a mixture of stoneware clays and an array of colours, slips and oxides to bring her hybrid landscapes to life.

Her painted marks reflect everything from the waves crashing to the beach and the rock pools with their sea life, to the patterns of the ocean as it constantly washes over the rocks. You’ll also see textures and colours inspired by a peeling painted wall, a corroded metal fence and lane markers in the ocean pool.

Her graphic training lends a disciplined designer’s approach to her work, but she combines that with a freedom of creative expression in her mark making, which results in sculptural vessels that have an energy a vibrancy to them. Working on a mixture of materials she has also introduced decals to some of her work; a photographic image of the textures and patterns of the world around her.

Catherine says: “I see the canvas of my vessels reflecting the harmony between the discipline of the graphic artist and the freedom of the fine artist.


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